About Us

On demand oysters

since 2015

Island Oysters provides oyster catering and pop-up oyster events in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. We are based in the Junction Triangle and you can join us at our Brewery or Farmers’ Market pop-up oyster bars in the Toronto West area. We focus on Freshness, Variety, Curation and Value. Join us on a journey to explore the flavors, history and sustainability of oysters, shellfish and seafood.

our story

Jason Kun

I’m Jason Kun, the founder and key oyster specialist of Island Oysters. I grew-up in Prince Edward Island where I spent my youth exploring the tidal flats of the South shore and brisk, active waters of the North. I’ve foraged wild oysters and mussels and spent many low tides digging bar clams, quahogs, steamer clams and catching rock crabs and lobsters barehanded. I founded Island Oysters to share my passion for fresh Canadian shellfish and the thrill of eating freshly shucked oysters!

I’ve toured many of the oyster farms from where we source our oysters on both coasts. With an extensive history in food & hospitality and a degree in Biology & Environmental Studies, I strive to offer an elevated culinary experience. The danger of the shucker’s calling, the thrill of eating freshly shucked oysters and endless accompaniment pairings all make for a lively cocktail hour at your next event. We look forward to having you join us for oysters soon!

We believe in

variety & curation.

We work with oyster farmers and distributors through the year to present over 40 different varieties mainly from our pristine Canadian shorelines. We ‘curate’ oysters by including guided tastings, flavor profile notes, aquaculture insights and pairing recommendations with locally crafted sauces. We interpret subtle flavour notes beyond just sweet & salty. You’ll find references to popcorn, cantaloupe, buttered biscuit and more on our interactive menus. We present oysters with distinct yet complimentary flavor profiles. This allows you to develop your oyster prowess while discovering the preferences and memories of your palate. We are excited to share the stories and flavours of Canadian oysters, shellfish & seafood with you!

We believe in


We might have the best prices in the city for the selection, freshness and service.  We think you’ll enjoy our engaging fresh take on oysters and their presentation and curation. We always serve our oysters with a full array of sauces including: 2 types of mignonette, lemon, fresh grated horseradish root, cocktail sauce, No. 7 Habanero and Tabasco original. We find pride in the freshness, selection and quality of our oysters along with unparalleled service.

We are committed to

community & sustainability.

Our pop-up oyster events invite guests to be a part of an inclusive and mobile community. The events create a place and time where people can find commonalties, explore shellfish flavours and aquaculture while relaxing and having a good time with new and old friends like.

With roots in the sustainability sector, I promote oysters as a sustainable seafood choice. Their cultivation and farming improves the biodiversity and healthy of the waterways in which they are raised. Our catering and events focus on zero waste with only compostable or reusable service ware.